Fishing in Bavaria for guests from Germany and other countries

Again and again, we are asked go Fishing ? but how …

Here we have some important information for fishing / fishing in Bavaria for travelers, foreigners (Foreign Fishing ), visiting anglers , etc.

Goverment in germany has some rules. Each state in Germany has separate and different rules. The most rules are simliar, you have to inform about this rules.

for Fishing in Germany – you need:

1) German fishing license
(valid for the period of fishing )

It´s a general license to for fishing and use fishing staff (fishing rod..). But this license is only permitted togtether with the permission map (Day-/weekly-/year-pass) for open water. For germans need a certificate to get this fishing license. For foreign visitors exists special rules, see below.

2) Permission map for the open waters (its a permission from owner of the water)
This permission is a (license valid , also called the period of fishing , day pass, weekly pass, daily permit , guest card, etc.). This Pass are avaible in the most fishing tackle markets around in your area.

3) Knowledge and compliance with the prescribed for the waters closed seasons , fish sizes and catch provisions (as evidenced by the Bavarian Fisheries Act AND the requirements for the respective waters – see fishing regulations for fly fishing , etc.)

Guest Angler / leisure
Guest anglers from other states from germany will need a valid fishing license in addition to card a valid fishing license. See also (AVFiG, § 2). Visitor license from other states are not valid in bavarian.

Foreign tourists may at the relevant local government when they make the power to independent pursuit of fishing activities in the country of origin credible , purchase a 3 months valid Bavarian fishing license for the current price around of € 22.50 . The fishing license can not be taken immediately , it takes few days until he receives, and also two passport photos are required! Please dont forget the permission map for the open water, available in fishing tackle market.

Young people (under 18 years) and children have special rules. The basic idea is below in accordance with the young fishermen (Children) know that the Senior Fisherman. So children and senior fisherman must be fishing together. The senior fisherman has full responsibility as a sponsor in relation to the children.

We recommend appropriate leader / guide of some basic things explained , and gives important tips and tricks for beginners. More details are also available at your fishing tackle market or relevant fishing or sport fishing clubs in your area. The personal in market are very helpfully.